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A pre-order copy of Dr. Trisha Bailey's autobiography set to be released July.27.2023

From Dr. Trisha Bailey, the Jamaican-born self-made billionaire, philanthropist, and founder of Bailey's Medical, comes an empowering and inspiring book that delves into her life journey of overcoming trauma and obstacles to achieve remarkable success. Her unique perspective on a woman's path from hardship, grief, setbacks, and flaws to personal growth, self-confidence, and triumph is truly remarkable. Through her heartfelt experiences, she will undoubtedly inspire readers, making this book a perfect choice for fans of memoirs, autobiographies, and women's fiction.

At the age of thirteen, Trisha Bailey migrated to the United States from Jamaica, leaving behind her family, filled with hope and prayers for her future success. While some may perceive her past as dark and traumatic, Trisha Bailey has transformed those experiences into stepping stones towards her own empowerment, fearlessly confronting the obstacles that came her way. In her book, UNBROKEN, she vividly depicts her life in a manner that deeply resonates with readers, immersing them in her captivating story.

"By titling her book UNBROKEN, Trisha Bailey has captured the essence of her remarkable story in a single word. Her journey speaks to the experiences of those who have faced trauma alone, while also resonating with a diverse range of readers." Nate Burleson (American TV Host)

"The fact that this is a true story makes this book even more of a jaw-dropping read. Many women go through
these types of trials but to read it in such!" A. Escobar (Publishing company Editor)

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